Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We celebrated Christmas Eve a day early since John has to work at the Ltach Christmas Eve night. We had ham, funeral potatoes, frog eye, rolls and corn for dinner and enjoyed a program that included the kids singing, playing the piano, a song sung by John, his testimony, watching a Nativity Story and opening up of Jammie made by grandma Linda. It was so nice to have just our little family. We will head to grandma Wendy's tonight for another  Christmas Eve party.
Christmas day was nice except for the fact that Annistyn woke us up at 330 and couldn't understand why we wouldn't want to get up yet...yikes.
The kids enjoyed their gifts and seemed happy with everything.
Their big gifts this year
Bryson got Utes Bedding that he has been begging for, a phone and a bunch of smaller things.
Saedree got a guitar with a bunch of clothes and other little things.
Anni got a karaoke machine and a journey girl doll, and a bunch of girly things
Boston got a scooter, a couple video games and a ton of toys